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Closing Day

Since you are very close to having sold your property, the following are a few things to consider:

Final Walk-Through Inspection

The buyer will be doing a final walk-through, which generally takes place on or slightly before the day of the closing. As the seller, you should make sure everything is in working order, as it was when the buyer previously viewed the property. Ideally, all of your furniture and personal items should be removed by walk-through time. At the walk-through all repairs required would be complete and anything included in the purchase would be left on premise.


Remember to have the utilities taken out of your name, generally the day of closing. Your Realtor can offer logistical guidance to be sure the buyer has the utilities placed in their name so that there is no disruption in the actual service.

The Right Mindset

Your Realtor will be ready to assist you should an unexpected obstacle arise. Problems can occur; however, creating a solution is typically possible with an experienced Realtor and team work by the parties involved. Keep your head and lean on your Realtor.

The Closing

The closing agent will furnish all parties involved with a settlement statement, which summarizes and details the financial side of the transaction. You and the buyer(s) will sign this statement, as well as the closing agent, certifying its accuracy. If you are unable to attend the scheduled closing, arrangements may be made for a remote signing. Its suggested you let the parties involved know about whether or not you can be present for closing well in advance of the actual closing day. You, the seller, should arrange to have all keys, garage door remotes and any other important information concerning the property with you, to effect a smooth change of ownership.

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